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Brain Food 10-15-09

Posted in Uncategorized by oliverhulland on October 15, 2009
  1. While lacking in both the science and culture aspect of most of the links found in your daily Brain Food, this piece on Extreme Aerial Bowfishing for Super Silver Carp is too wonderful (and tragic) to overlook (hint: it involves a fish breaking someone’s jaw).

  2. Nature never fails to amaze with inventions designed to avoid death, as is demonstrated par excellence by the pebble toad that simply rolls down a mountain when threatened. BONUS: A spider that turns into a wheel.

  3. Nothing funny here. A map shows all the nuclear blasts to date!

  4. When does an invention qualify as an artistic medium? When David Hockney uses it to produce thousands of paintings as he has done with the iPhone. (note: I never said anything about good paintings.) via 3qd

  5. Luke Jerram is an artist who more closely resembles an explorer who just happens to study his own creations that include microbes made of glass, a device that sings the moons gravity, and a device that directs peoples dreams


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