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Brain Food 10-16-09

Posted in brainfood by oliverhulland on October 16, 2009
  1. The lowly lamprey (it literally buries itself in the mud) is not the most loved of creatures. Given its affinity for slime and blood sucking it is sort of understandable why, but try and have some sympathy for this fossil of a fish.

  2. Is there something about Colombia that just inspires magical realism in everything? Gaviotas, the strange and isolated town that could have unfolded from the pages of a Marquez novel, is clinging to life because of it’s rejection of traditional fossil fuel technologies instead relying on the inventions of its local “doctor.”

  3. I love indexes. I do. I also love pasta. I really do. So an index of pasta shapes is kind of my jam. via kottke

  4. Being English, my affinity for Earl Grey tea verges on obsession. However, I am not as bad as the guy who paralyzed himself due to an overconsumption of bergamot oil found in Earl Grey.

  5. Every now and then a piece of art criticism pops up that I wish I had written. Most recently it was a piece by Dennis Dutton (a Kiwi art history professor) who talks about the rise (and perhaps inevitable fall) of conceptual art and the inherent (and wonderfully timeless) value of craft.


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