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Brain Food 10-22-09

Posted in brainfood by oliverhulland on October 22, 2009
  1. Are you afraid of the dark? If not, a new study of an old project reveals that sensory deprivation (being placed in a dark, sound-dampened room for extended periods of time) makes your brain act all funny, and causing you to hallucinate. Strangely, nobody hit the panic button.

  2. Was it the landmark decision that emerged from Roe v Wade that caused a massive drop in crime during the 90s (legalized abortion leading to a drop in unwanted babies)? Or was it a reduction in lead poisoning (whose side effects include lack of inhibition and increased aggression)?

  3. So, you’re a wannabe environmentalist and you want to know what topics to be tracking. Fear no more, NewScientist lists the top environmental tech stories in easy to read summaries.

  4. I used to religiously wake up at 7:43, exactly 2 minutes before my alarm clock. New research now shows that our brains have features that allows us to track time with extreme precision. And I thought I was special.

  5. In a throwback to caveman politics, it seems that the testosterone levels of men who voted for John McCain (remember the old dude who lost because he hired a rogue?) dropped significantly after the election.


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