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Brain Food 11-05-09

Posted in brainfood by oliverhulland on November 5, 2009
  1. Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer pollaned (from now on Micahel Pollan’s name qualifies as a verb) his most recent book on America’s carnivorous culture and our unwitting acceptance of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (or CAFOs). Why character driven novelists are writing things that don’t involve characters or plots still confuses me.

  2. Where did you learn how to use a condom? Did you read the box or did the governmentt have to tell you in a sex-ed class? Despite being whiz kids in maths and science China has been struggling with the most basic form of contraception: the rubber.

  3. Having just spent 4 months in China, I have my own opinions about the pollution problem over there. And while I don’t completely agree with James Fallows take on the pollution problem in China it’s a worthy read. BONUS: more pictures of China’s pollution problem (via sculls)

  4. Dead fly art. How do I summarize that any better?

  5. I should just have a direct feed from Olivia Judson’s brain to this site. She wonders about wonder in this week’s column.


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