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Discovery of the Week: How to properly eat a kiwifruit

Posted in Uncategorized by oliverhulland on January 12, 2010

Eating kiwis whole. Also known as eating them with their skin still on.

It’s tangy and delicious. And you don’t notice the fuzziness.

Also, they aren’t originally from New Zealand. In fact, they are from China and were called Chinese Gooseberries but because of marketing difficulties during the Cold War had their name changed in American markets.

Here is a list of rough translations from Chinese:

  • Macaque peach (獼猴桃 Pinyinmíhóu táo)
  • Macaque pear (獼猴梨 míhóu lí)
  • Vine pear (藤梨 téng lí)
  • Sunny peach (陽桃 yáng táo)
  • Wood berry (木子 mù zi)
  • Hairy bush fruit (毛木果 máo mù guǒ)

Another gem from Wikipedia:

The kiwifruit skin is edible and contains high amounts of dietary fiber. In a fully matured kiwifruit one study showed that this as much as tripled the fiber content of the fruit. In addition, as many of the vitamins are stored immediately under the skin, leaving the skin intact greatly increases the vitamin cconsumed by eating a single piece of kiwifruit when compared to eating it peeled. As with all fruit, it is recommended that if eating the skin, the fruit be washed prior to consumption.


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