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Standing Desk: Day Two

Posted in Uncategorized by oliverhulland on January 12, 2010

So I mentioned that I would update y’all on the conversion to a standing desk, so here goes.

In terms of helping me manage my daily energy levels it is a complete success. I feel more awake, have more energy, and in general just feel more attentive and focused. It seems that just by standing I am more aware of what needs to get done. It’s kind of hard to explain but I think it has something to do with the complete lack of effort while sitting as compared to the minimal (but sustained) effort of standing. There is just a greater sense of environmental awareness that helps me keep track of various goals throughout the day.

One of the most noticeable differences has come about from being able to see who is coming in and out of our office. Throughout the day people come in to ask questions about energy efficiency or how to apply for certain rebates, and by standing up at a desk the process of greeting has become that much easier. I can clearly see the front door (that was previously blocked by my computer screen), and so I believe I am now in a much better position to react to anybody who comes in.

Another benefit I hadn’t expected is how it helps me interact with colleagues. When people go to get coffee or are walking out they are much more likely to stop and chat while I am standing. I haven’t moved one foot from where I was last week so it isn’t because I am in a new location. I believe that by standing I have just made myself far more approachable (which is a good thing as long as these new social calls don’t become distracting).

In terms of the downside of standing desks I have yet to come across one significant enough to make me reconsider. Yes, your feet will get sore, but that’s why we have two of them. I switch how I stand every few minutes to take pressure of a given foot. And if that doesn’t work I take a quick walk around the office or outside for a breath of fresh air. My back doesn’t hurt, and there is no noticeable fatigue from standing all day. In fact, sitting at lunch was amazing because I think it signaled my body that I was no longer working and could finally unwind for a bit.

And in case you think that I might be lying about it make me feel energetic, after work I did a full 50 minutes of spinning followed by weight lifting and a 2 mile run (not something I would want to do if I was tired after work). Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever go back to a sitting desk unless there is something very specific that has to be done while sitting.


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