Confluence Culture


Confluence Culture is an imprecise title. Yet, I think it captures the essence of what I hope the writing on this site will convey. My background, a merging of science and art, does not lend itself well to precision, and so I will stay well clear of subjects that demand it. Instead, I will celebrate the many ways that science, art, nature, and culture are woven together, and perhaps weave a few loose strands together myself.

A bit about me.

I recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with two degrees: a BFA in Sculpture and Photography, and an AB in Environmental Studies. After graduating, I had hoped to take up a post at Seed Magazine in NYC, but unfortunately fell prey to the recession. My love of science writing still remains strong, and it is my hope that this site becomes an outlet for some writing (and photography).

Currently, I am an Americorps *VISTA in Eureka, CA working with a group called the Redwood Coast Energy Authority, and their mission to reduce energy usage in Humboldt County.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: oliverhulland (at) gmail (dot) com


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